Days like this I just wish I was rich & that I had a more supportive & understanding parental unit.

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Why is September trying me already!!!!!!

imma stay poised though

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It’s one of those things where I’ve legit been going through the most disappointments & tribulations for the past 6 years SO now that I’m finally in a good place…
No worries…
I’m not trying to brag or rub it I’m anyone’s face but I just legit want people to see the goodness of God in my life right now.

01.Sep.14 8 hours ago

I strive to be as amazing as I can, as honest as possible & shed light so that if they know me or knowOFme when they see him they say,
“Your girl is dope…you chose well.”

How Sweet

I was still praising God for him…
Thanking God for him…
& I didn’t even have him.

I just knew he was mine…
I just knew he was for me.

How sweet it is to be with the person you know changed your life the most, then to be without them for 2 years but still have the same thoughts, the same dreams about them as if you fell asleep next to them every night & their presence consumed you.

How sweet is it to know there’s nothing that person could do to make you hate them or turn your back on them…

How sweet is it that God could place SO much compassion on a person’s heart for another one of His children that the devil himself can’t find work here.

01.Sep.14 11 hours ago

Make a list of things I’m not doing this month…
It will be beneficial I know.
How do I know?
Because I’m a strong believer of what you do, what you expose yourself to are self planted seeds…
The reason certain things…THOUGHTS form in your head etc;

Doing my best to have a better subconscious.

01.Sep.14 12 hours ago

Hello September

& as life goes on the things I once cried about…the things I thought God was doing to punish me…
those things start to make sense as I some days think to myself, “If it had not been for…”
In the end you’ll benefit from it regardless because (Romans8:28) so CHOOSE to remain positive throughout the entire process.
It’s kind of like traveling…literally. You can’t let traffic, bad weather or “non drivers” trigger your anxiety…regardless of what’s going on around you you still know you’re on your way & THAT is all that matters.
Stay focused.

01.Sep.14 12 hours ago

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I learned so much about myself last year man.
& I make a very conscious effort to be aware of that knowledge when making decisions & dealing with other people.

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