Bruh… You’d be amazed at what the confessions of your mouth will bless you with on a daily. Likewise how the things you say will make your life miserable.
But! I just wanna brag about God real quick cuz He looked out for His kid today. 💰💙

Religious people——

What other people believe in…they’re “religion”…who they pray or don’t pray to is none of my business…I honestly could care less about ANY choice of preference of beliefs people have.

Jesus didn’t care.
I don’t either.
Jesus still loved & SHOWED love to them…
I will too.

Saddens me how so many people forget that Jesus never turned away from people who were “different” or in need or even those in a “lesser” class than he was…
He even ate with his enemies.(Pharisees) &! Broke bread with them(Judas).

So no.
I don’t care what religion you practice.
Or what science you believe in.

I’m still going to express love towards you & speak about the goodness of God in my life.

No ulterior motives.

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The King has yet to arrive; the Queen patiently waits; building up her queendom in the meantime, for consolidation requires equal collaboration.

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You ever just feel so content with God that you start not to care if anything comes or goes?

that feeling hit me about a week ago & I’ve been overjoyed ever since.

28.Jul.14 13 hours ago

Despite the first McDonald’s that I went to not having any orange juice…
I feel so great this morning.
God is so good.
Keep your focus.

Oh & I drove to another McDonald’s to get my hashbrowns & juice lol iont play that.

😂 y’all have a good day.

28.Jul.14 14 hours ago

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God has a purpose behind every problem. - Rick Warren

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"What’s a couple dollars to me?"

Black Excellence 

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