You ever wish things didn’t end?

But understand why they had to?

I guess it’s like the sun…

We can’t experience how beautiful the sunrise is unless the night falls.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago
22.Jul.14 3 hours ago
22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

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.. Too real


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Haven’t said it in a while so…
Thank y’all for knowing the real me…

Taking in my thoughts, my feelings & never judging.
I appreciate all of you.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

Somehow I always knew there was more to life then visitation every other weekend & relationships that didn’t last or lasts too long without meaning.

Thank God for keeping my heart open.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

I swear I’m like this because growing up I didn’t witness the things that I want from life.

& it’s crazy cuz even though I never witnessed it, it hasn’t changed what I expect from life.

I’m so anxious to start a different cycle.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

Everything is picture perfect in my mind…
Just waiting on God to bring it to life.

I believe He will.

I don’t ask for much.

All I want is:

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

God always knows something I don’t…
That’s why I don’t even trip.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago


22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

It just sucks wanting something you know you CAN have but it’s not being given.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago

Told God I’d wait…
So I’ll wait.

I always ruin things when I try to go ahead of Him anyway.

22.Jul.14 3 hours ago


That’s one thing I know if nothing else…
God won’t make you beg for anything that’s yours….&
you don’t have to prove anything.

Wait for yours.

22.Jul.14 5 hours ago